Writers / Catalogs

Select Represented Catalogs:

 Andrew Osenga, Colby Wedgeworth, DaMonsta, Dan Ostebo, Dana Sorey, Gateway Church, Humble Beast, Jeff Johnson, Jonathan McReynolds, Josh Garrels, Kyle Lee, MercyMe, Phillip Bryant, Porter’s Gate Worship Project, Sanctus Real, Sandra McCracken, Sarah Hart, Steve Hindalong, Tyscot Records, Waterdeep and others.


Fair Trade Music Publishing is an independent music publishing company located in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Established in 2001, it is home to numerous award winning songwriters and their songs.  Fair Trade Music Publishing also administers song catalogs for select artists in the USA and internationally.

For song licensing and copyright inquiries, please visit our administrator at www.essentialmusicpublishing.com.